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  • Tracking code checks
  • Property-level checks
  • View-level checks
  • Data checks
  • Custom tracking and configurations
  • GDPR compliance for Google Analytics

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Enabling businesses to Thrive with advanced technology

Traiders' Business Packs

Traiders has created 6 business packs to support different businesses at different stages of growth. We will work closely with you to build your online business which will seamlessly integrate with your physical store.

Traiders will provide quality assurance and regulatory compliance for peace of mind and a designated Account Manager & Digital Coach to support you ensuring your businesses is able to Grow and Thrive.

  • Just need a website and social media? Choose Website + Social
  • Just starting out? Choose Start-up 
  • Looking for a fresh new online presence? Choose Start-a-Fresh
  • Need help during difficult times? Choose Survive
  • Looking to grow your business? Choose Thrive
  • Looking to grow with multiple sales channels? Choose Thrive PLUS
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Traiders' SupaPass Plans

Traiders understands the cost of accessing technology can be very cost prohibitive for many businesses and more so during these challenging times. 

The Traiders’ SupaPass Plans incorporates a service that is built upon existing and future software to enable our clients take advantage of this technology and expertise without having to build functionality themselves. As a result, our website plans are now more affordable for you to take advantage of a fast, efficient and cost effective service for businesses that have rich content and would benefit tremendously with the creation of their own business App.

Monthly  PlansAnnual  Plans