Corporate Social Responsibility

Traiders - A Socially Responsible Enterprise

Traiders Digital Limited is a socially responsible enterprise helping local businesses and communities create, survive, and thrive within their town centres and online.

Traiders’ CSR strategies and activities are led by our CEO and Founder, Andy Wake, who is committed to building sustainable businesses and environmentally friendly town and city centres while celebrating their unique heritage.

Our CSR actively supports local business communities by providing an online community marketplace for trading while coaching, training and empowering business owners and their staff. Through this, businesses will be able to deliver their products and services online in custom built eCommerce websites supported by responsive sales channels.

We are committed to keeping the pound local within the town centres and online by integrating the physical high street and online marketplace. This is a direct response to the devastating impact that COVID-19 and Brexit are having on town centres, local employment, and the local economy.

Working with local communities we are creating the blueprint for vibrant town centres and local businesses for the digital age.

We are helping towns and communities address issues including:

  • employment and local economic growth
  • skill migration of newly qualified graduates and experienced professionals
  • inclusion for everyone regardless of gender, race, and disability
  • digital poverty and education for children and adults
  • gender equality and minorities within business
  • carbon burning reduction by generating energy from clean renewable sources
  • waste reduction programmes for town centres using renewable and recycled materials
  • sustainable food sourcing from local manufacturers and suppliers
  • a safe environment in which children live and develop
  • homelessness and sleeping on the street
  • physical and mental health and wellbeing

Traiders will use a percentage of its profits to support local charities and not-for-profit organisations in each town to deliver their services for the local communities.

We are working with Town and Community Limited (not-for-profit) to engage communities and manage change programmes to create better places to live, work and visit including:

How we can help your business Survive and Thrive?

  • Impact and Action
  • Business Packs
  • Keep it Local