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KAVE is an immersive venue, presenting a five-surface projection and 9.1 surround audio for businesses and organisations who services would benefit from an immersive experience thereby enhancing their customers experience of products or services.

Large audiences experience 360˚ images that fill every inch of each wall and ceiling surface, embellished by directional sound in a social context.

How KAVE is being used...

Climate Emergency

KAVE is a sanctuary, where you will be immersed in the most compelling wonders of the natural world. Our educational focus on environmental issues seeks to inspire changes in lifestyle informed by contemporary research findings.

Working in collaboration with the University of Exeter (environmental sciences and climate emergency response) and Falmouth University (design thinking and user experience), accessible headset-free experiences are designed to inform and to inspire changes in human behaviour that constitute a meaningful Climate Emergency response. Audiences will experience the world’s most aesthetically inspiring environments in 360˚ with spatial surround audio, while educational insights will be offered via personalised Augmented Reality activations. Data will be presented and gathered through user engagement that will encourage personal commitments that can be shared as pledges via social media.

Local Reconnection and Revitalisation

The KAVE infrastructure is scalable. While large scale installations for audiences in the hundreds are deliverable, this can also be scaled down to fill empty retail units on every high street with a mission that will serve local communities.

We will juxtapose games engine-driven content commissioned to service our Climate Emergency agenda with entertainment-based experiences of local, national and international interest. Local context forms a critical component within our delivery plan. Our university collaborations afford opportunities to train local people to create content of local interest. A local school’s nativity play, for example, could be captured and presented as immersive 360˚ video for parents and relatives to sit and enjoy while eating cake and drinking coffee.

The green agenda will manifest consistently. Furniture and fittings will be sourced ethically to optimise recycling opportunities. Opportunities to engage and support local businesses will be prioritised.


KAVE will create, curate and commission the most compelling immersive content, reimagined and re- presented in a headset-free environment; a place to socialize, eat, drink, dance, and revel in mesmeric experiences.

The infrastructure accommodates multiple entertainment forms and content possibilities including projection-based art, live performance (music, theatre, dance), 360˚ films, gaming, agency/brand activations and product launches.

KAVE Venue

To learn more about the KAVE Venue and how it will help your business or organisation in your town or city, please contact us.

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