Impact and Action

Traiders - Acting Now

Traiders is supporting new local business, revitalising others and helping established businesses grow and thrive within current and new marketplaces. By supporting local businesses with a powerful online presence that links to their physical premises, Traiders seeks to support the regeneration of town centres and communities through new experiences using digital technologies. We're building an Online Community Marketplace, so businesses and customers can shop 24x7x365 while keeping the British Pound local.

We must build solid foundations for businesses within our communities to go forward and create and increase their economic and social values.

Through this model, Traiders will also equip and support entrepreneurs and local talent with the necessary business and digital skills to deliver their products and services on-premise and online. This will nurture an environment for sustainable cultural growth, nourishing a local entrepreneurial culture.

Laying deep foundations for future generations

Together we will create, survive and thrive

Traiders projects are helping towns and communities address issues including:

  • employment and local economic growth
  • skill migration of graduates and experienced professionals
  • inclusion for everyone regardless of gender, race, and disability
  • digital poverty and education for children and adults
  • gender equality and minorities within business
  • carbon reduction through energy from clean renewable sources
  • waste reduction using renewable and recycled materials
  • sustainable food sourcing from local manufacturers and suppliers
  • a safe environment in which children live and develop
  • physical and mental health and wellbeing

Traiders will use a percentage of its profits to support local charities and not-for-profit organisations in each town to deliver their services for the local communities.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Traiders Digital Limited is a socially responsible enterprise helping local businesses and communities create, survive, and thrive within their town centres and online.

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How we can help your business Survive and Thrive?

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