Keep it Local

Celebrating British Businesses

Now more than ever businesses and communities need to come together. We must work together and invest in our local economies. By encouraging our communities to buy local this will improve the local economy and country as a whole.

Large international corporates such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and Facebook to mention a few have created large platforms. These enticing platforms have indeed succeeded in one thing, and that is moving billions of pounds into global markets leaving many communities struggling to even support the most basic services, such as libraries. 


We need to 'keep it local' and 'unlock the power of businesses and communities' to
create new local economies while celebrating what is unique about our towns and cities. 

Thriving Online Businesses

Using automation tools, Traiders is helping link physical stores with an online eCommerce business to enable 24 hours trading. Traiders is creating online marketplaces and platforms where businesses and communities can Thrive together.

Together we can do this!