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Digital High Streets

Traiders is building and customising online marketplaces and town portals to help towns and cities survive and thrive while keeping the British Pound local. 

Online businesses and organisations will be able to seamlessly interact and transact with each other and their customers in the online community marketplace as well as within town and city centres providing 24 x 7 x 365 trading opportunities. This can be accessed using smartphones, tablets and PCs.

The web portal is where the online community marketplace lives. It provides all the information about what is happening in towns and cities through multimedia content. This can be accessed using smartphones, tablets, PCs and digital displays throughout the High Streets and local area.

Keeping the pound local and improving local economies

Shopping in town and city centres using online community marketplaces will keep the cash flowing locally, and grow the local economy, while increasing employment.

Improving experiences for tourists and shoppers visiting  towns and cities

Promoting the uniqueness of towns and cities using interactive digital content through digital displays and immersive rich content on smart phones or tablets.

Increasing footfall and dwell time for High Street shops and businesses

Creating new experiences within High Streets and Market Squares. Attracting and retaining more visitors and increasing revenues.

Helping businesses, market traders and pop-up shops interact with their customers

Helping town centre management teams facilitate pop-up shops and market pitches using computer aided facilities management, planning and booking systems.

An example of our Virtual Tours 

Providing engaging tourist information and town promotion celebrating each town’s unique history and culture

Town Centre Communications: News, Health and Safety (Emergency Communications)

Low cost local advertising within the online community marketplace and your town centre's digital displays

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