Enabling Businesses to Thrive with Advanced Technology

Traiders' Business Packs

Traiders has created 6 business packs to support different businesses at different stages of growth. We will work closely with you to build your online business which will seamlessly integrate with your physical store.

Traiders will provide quality assurance and regulatory compliance for peace of mind and a designated Account Manager & Digital Coach to support you ensuring your businesses is able to Grow and Thrive.

Traiders Google My Business (GMB) is a new addition to our Business Packs providing more power to business owners over how their company appears in search results.

Recent studies have shown that at least once a week 74% of customers conduct local searches on Google. For the smart business owner having control of what information appears about them in search results is a great opportunity.

Businesses can catch customers' attention, manage their own reputation, and harvest the benefits of a well-presented company brand on Google's search engine.

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Traiders' SupaPass Plans

Traiders understands the cost of accessing technology can be very prohibitive for many businesses and more so during these challenging times. 

The Traiders’ SupaPass Plans incorporates a service that is built upon existing and future software to enable our clients take advantage of this technology and expertise without having to build functionality themselves. As a result, our website plans are now more affordable for you to take advantage of a fast, efficient and cost effective service for businesses that have rich content and would benefit tremendously with the creation of their own business App.

With Traiders' SupaPass plans you will benefit from high quality sites and apps that are not only affordable but also 10 times quicker and cheaper than custom build.

If there is a time and opportunity to share your offline skills online through videos, podcasts, audio, articles and blogs on your own site and app, it is now.

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Audrey Alice Boutique

Joanne Bell, Owner

In October 2020 I opened a high end ladieswear boutique in Saltburn. I needed a company to help me develop a new e-commerce website, build on the stores online presence and create a new ‘user friendly’ inventory system.

Traiders was recommended to me and they have certainly delivered much more than I expected. The Team listened to what I wanted and provided me with an invaluable service. They understand time and cost is extremely important to a new business and they went off and sourced cost-effective tools I needed to get the online presence up and running. The tools were tailored to suit my business model and they provided me with training on how to use them too (saving me hours of research time and completely taking the headache away of purchasing incorrect software and ‘plug in’ sites).

Within a few weeks my dream e-commerce website was up and running, my stock inventory is fully functioning and operational and my online presence is growing every day!

Traiders have certainly overdelivered!

Coundon Three Tuns Utilities

Dean Young, Founder

I have been running a successful business supplying cost saving services to the hospitality industry fro over 10 years. I needed to build on these services and develop a new product range to sell online.

Traiders enabled me expand the offerings, guiding me through the current and new technologies providing the best fit for my business within my premises and building a new eCommerce website.

Traiders hands-on approach and understanding helped me organise my business, saving me time and money, while generating more income and opening new opportunities.

A friendly, experienced business and digital team.