Create, Survive, and Thrive.

Get set up to embrace change! With the right digital tools and knowhow you'll respond quickly in a changing world.

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Thriving Businesses. Thriving Communities.

Succeeding Together.

Traiders platform model incorporates the skills and expertise of digital account managers, creatives, digital marketers, coaches, mentors and management professionals. This gives you the power and ability to thrive both within your physical store and online store, all under one roof.

Traiders wants to see your business succeed. The success of all businesses and services means the success of the wider community and country as a whole.

Together we are putting the power back into your hands keeping the British Pound in local communities.

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We will work with you to understand your business and what outcomes you are seeking by automating processes and systems enabling you to achieve more free time to spend on other crucial business aspects.

Change is Everywhere

We all need to know how to adapt quickly to survive situations beyond our control. Get set up to embrace change!

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Knowing where to start is often the hardest part. We will work with you to understand your business goals and together we will develop an operational plan for success.

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Create a Strong Digital Presence

We will advise you on the best way to tell your story and sell your products and services with website options, social media platforms, Apps and 360 video capture linked to your Google My Business website and social media.

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Grow and Thrive

We Understand Your Ambitions are to Thrive

For that, we do not simply focus on providing you with an eCommerce presence. We at Traiders will provide you with the opportunities to Thrive with a powerful eCommerce presence that seamlessly links to your physical business and the ability to form part of an online community market place.

You will be continuously supported through a designated Account Manager & Digital Coach.

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Our Office

Traiders Digital Limited,

Portland House, Belmont Business Park,

Durham, County Durham,

United Kingdom DH1 1TW